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Wylie Lakes is a neighborhood that offers something for everyone. Located in "Wide Awake Wylie", it has a small town feel while offering historical, cultural,  recreational and  entertainment opportunities close by.  It is only a few miles from Lake Lavon and its many parks and camp sites. This community is a wonderful place to live and to call home.  The children of Wylie Lakes have the opportunity to attend a school in the Wylie Independent School District.  The natural beauty of Wylie Lakes, mixed with the close proximity to shopping and dining establishments, makes this a much sought after neighborhood. 
Members of the Wylie Lakes HOA may obtain a copy of the Declaration by clicking on the "Documents" link to the left. 
Community Update
The Wylie Lakes Owners Association had the Annual Meeting on January 8, 2020. There were 3 new Elected Board Members.
The Wylie Lakes Board
Jason West- President
Al Schoelen - Vice President
Stewart James - Secretary
Dennis Agers - Treasurer
Lance Ainsworth - Member at Large

City News
P & Z Meetings occur bi-monthly on the first and third Tuesdays at 6 pm in the Council Chambers, Wylie Municipal Complex, 300 Country Club Road, Building 100.

Journey of Water - City of Wylie
Posted on Jan 7th, 2019
To learn more - check out the Document Section for the Journey of Water.
Need Volunteer -
Posted on Sep 10th, 2018
Opportunity to serve on the Wylie Lakes Homeowners Association Board of Directors
The Wylie Lakes Homeowners Association will soon be short a board member.  Are you interested in filling that vacant seat, and serve through to our next annual general meeting in November. 
The requirement is that you are a Wylie Lakes homeowner, and are prepared to attend and participate in our next HOA Quarterly Board meeting in October, any additional special meetings, and the AGM.
If so, please contact Vickie at vickie@guardianllc.net
Save on your water bill
Posted on Sep 15th, 2015
More than 50% of a homeowner’s water bill may consist of lawn and landscape watering. This watering usually accounts for the most water waste! Here are useful tips to produce substantial savings in your water bill: 
Design landscape with water-efficient plants.
Determine how much water your landscape needs to stay healthy.
Follow landscape management regulations listed in the Water Conservation and Water Resource Management Plan.
Harvest rainwater: see the rebate page for information about a Rain Barrel Rebate!
Keep automatic irrigation controllers in the "off" position and turn on water only when necessary!
Keep irrigation system equipment maintained! Broken or misaligned sprinkler heads waste tremendous amounts of water and they are subject to violation.
Never use a hose to sweep sidewalks and driveways!
Use a hose shut-off nozzle to keep from wasting water.
Use water-wise landscape management practices.

It is now time to pretreat your lawn with weed and feed to be rid of the pesky weeds and to have a beautiful lawn this spring.  Also be sure and mow, edge and trim before you apply. It is also time to start pulling the weeds from your landscaped beds and get the beds ready for spring flowers.
The City of Wylie and the HOA are now allowing chickens in to be raised in your backyard?  Please email Vickie for more details.
The Board is asking for your help, get involved with the City of Wylie and with the Wylie Lakes Homeowners Association.  You will be happy you did.
Daylight Savings time is almost here - this will give the little ones an extra hour of outdoors play, so please drive with caution.

2020 Meetings
Upcoming Date Has Not Been Set at 2019 Megan Court    
Times are approximate:
6:15 - 7:00 Open Session (open to homeowners)
7:00 - 8:00 Executive Session (closed to homeowners)
For inquiries to HOA board, please contact our HOA Community Manager:
Vickie Davis
972-458-2200 office
972-458-2203 Fax 
800.361.6758 toll free

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HOA Management Staff
Vickie Davis, Community Manager
972-458-2200 office
972-458-2203 Fax  
800.361.6758 toll free

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