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Meeting Agenda

HOA Board Meeting AGENDA July 12th, 2018 – 6:15 PM at 2019 Megan Ct., Wylie TX 75098
A. Call Meeting to Order at 6:15 PM a. Homeowner Forum
(Homeowner participation).
B. Regular Open Board Meeting
(Board Member participation. Homeowners are welcome to observe and listen).
C. Adoption of Agenda
D. Reading and approval of minutes of March 29th. 2018 open board meeting.
E. Reports: a. Presidents Report
c. Treasurers Financial Report i. Review of May 2018 Balance Sheet and Income Statement
b. Secretaries Report i. Progress on Front Yard Compliance.
F. Unfinished Business a. Holiday Decorations
b. Communications i. Newsletter
G. New Business: a. Discuss: Repair of Entrance Masonry
b. Discuss: Entrance Landscaping: i. Sprinklers
ii. Shrubs
c. Discuss: Yard of the Month Program for 2018
d. Discuss: Community Events for 2018.
H. Adjourn Regular Open Board Meeting a. Brief Recess to retire to Executive Session
Executive Session: (Board Members and invitation only)
I. Call Executive Session to Order (Executive Agenda) a. Review Collections
b. Violation Report
J. Adjournment


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